Professional Recognition

Our teaching qualifications are recognised by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) as part of the accredited University CPD framework. This is an internal framework that provides a process for Professional Recognition, for all level descriptors up to D3, as set out in the UK Professional Standards for teaching/supporting learning in higher education

Candidates who complete the Graduate Certificate, Postgraduate Certificate and MA in Creative Arts Education may be eligible for one of either the HEA Associate Fellow (D1: AFHEA), Fellow (D2: FHEA) or Senior Fellow (D3: SFHEA) awards.

Experienced academics or academic-related staff are encouraged to apply for either the HEA Associate Fellow (D1:AFHEA), Fellow (D2: FHEA) and/or Senior Fellow (D3: SFHEA) awards via Unit 7003 or Unit 7007 of the UCA CPD framework route.

Application for Professional Recognition Qualifications

Before applying for either unit ECAE7003 or ECAE7007, please ensure you have attended an ‘Introducing HEA Fellow’ workshop and familiarised yourself with the  UCA Professional Recognition Handbook 2017-18 .   Once you have signed up to the unit, you will get access to an online resource of supporting materials to help you get started in your evidence gathering.  It is also strongly recommended that you attend the ‘Reflecting on your practice through P-SR’ (for all levels of recognition) and the ‘Coaching and mentoring for learning and teaching’ (for Descriptor 3, Senior Fellow applicants only)

The final date for applications to the units for professional recognition is Friday 21 December 2017

The dates of the 2018 units for professional recognition are as follows:

Unit 7003 (Associate Fellow or Fellow of the Higher Education Academy)

  • Thursday 7 June 2018 (Rochester)
  • Tuesday  21 June 2018 Epsom)
  • Tuesday  03 July 2018 (Rochester)
  • Thursday 19 July 2018 (Epsom)
  • Friday 03 August 2017 – submission date

Unit 7007 (Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy)

  • Tuesday 29 May 2018 (Rochester)
  • Thursday 14 June 2018 (Epsom)
  • Tuesday 10 July 2018 (Epsom)
  • Thursday 26 July 2018 (Rochester)
  • Friday 03 August 2018 – submission date

To help you gather evidence for your portfolios, you may find the following useful in reflecting on your current practice:

Descriptor 1 and 2 UKPSF Diagnostic

Descriptor 3 UKPSF Diagnostic

We also provide a series of  accompanying webinars and workshops to prepare you for the professional recognition unit.  Some of these are compulsory if you sign up to the unit.

LT workshops to support recognition 2017-18

To make bookings on these, please keep an eye out for workshop promotions which are circulated via the University email. For a list of current workshops, see link below:

Please note that all applications for Associate Fellow and Fellow of the HEA must include evidence of reflection on practice through the university’s Peer-supported review scheme.